Pinupalooza – WIPs

Just some random pinups I have sitting around in various directories, patiently waiting for me to decide their fates. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to call them out, otherwise look at the pretty pictures…

#1 Jackrabbit WIP

I have this notion of the sky being covered by telephone lines, like a giant spiderweb. Uncertain if this successfully conveys that idea, but then I threw in a hot girl because, fanservice... and also she has earses!

3 points

#2 don’t ask me

I love the way her eyes are in shadow

2 points

#3 whoops

I didn't realize this was the version with watermarks

2 points

#4 ghetto geisha – WIP

this one could turn out really interesting, but right now it is just a wardrobe test

2 points

What do you think?

5 points


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