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A Bridge Is Not a High Place – JFF challenge #3

So when I heard @Kim_Johnson announce the man made challenge, this was the other piece I thought of submitting. I am a great fan of using juxtaposition in my work, and contrasting organic things with mechanical things is a favorite theme of mine. This would be more Orwellian (as opposed to Burgess)

I also like to juxtapose large and small things, and I got to do that here as well…

#1 work in progress

This is a portrait of Bethlehem Marsh, and this an extremely rough sketch, just to get the idea down

Just in case anyone is curious, she is Jordan's cousin

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#2 rough sketch

Beth has great hair, always has. It's part of her charm...

#3 original recipe

So here is the original version, which I did a long time ago. She needed an update...

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