Oni Goroshi – release version

This piece is a tribute to the fine tradition of anime films about the students who routinely save the world from the dark forces which plague Tokyo. The title translates loosely into English as “Demon Slayer” but why a Japanese schoolgirl is inevitably selected for this task is beyond me. In an attempt to reconcile the standard, I’ve provided her with a wakasashi (the short sword) as opposed to the expected katana.

#1 release version

If I've learned anything from my time here at Virily, it is that a piece needn't be tight and clean to be complete. In fact, around here the opposite seems to be much more popular...

With that in mind, when I remixed Oni Goroshi it was with the intention to do it quick and dirty. I have to admit, it is a lot more fun than the original

  1. Absolutely. Hell if Kagome hadn’t of plucked that dog demon from the tree and smashed the Shikkon jewel Spiderchickiedemon would have eaten us all by now.

    • And that is just one instance of bravery; these girls have saved the world countless times before they’ve even graduated. We owe them a debt of gratitude

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#2 underpainting

The underpainting was still pretty tight, even though the application of paint wasn't. But don't worry, I fixed all that and let my media just go all over the place


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