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I thought I was going to get MUDDY

One day, while walking with Meika and Maggie Mae, (my dogs) we decided we would go down to the Lake nearby and take a walk around it.

Nice pretty Lake.. As you see below, I let them run free. Meika  (the white dog) decided she was going to go for a swim. Usually this is not a problem.

I got closer to take some photos of the ducks.

There were some really cool ones.

Pretty green color.  I was caught up in watching the ducks swim..

Then I heard the plop, squish, squish squish… see Meika out there? She is stuck. She had never been to this part of the lake. That mud is like quick sand. At this point, she had just noticed she was in trouble. Looked back at me like wtf do I do now? She decided to get in the water to swim back.

Here she is stuck in the water now. Belly deep in moggy water and sandy mud.  She started crying..

I coaxed, made happy sounds, got down in a play stance and ran the other way, away from her.

It worked, 7 bounds straight up and down and she had made her way back to the edge, she hop jumped all the way back. We were both very glad, we didn’t have to rescue her.

Never a dull moment…


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