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El Salto Falls (The last tiers)

As Buena Vista Creek follows its way down El Salto Falls, it is only a short distance to Buena Creek lagoon and then to the Pacific Ocean in Oceanside and Carlsbad California. I have loved this place since I was a kid and found this fall riding horseback long ago. We used to love to hunt craw fish, not to eat them but just to play with them. See who could catch the biggest, the most red, the biggest claws etc. I loved it so much I took my family to see it. Here are some shots of the lower tiers of the fall.

As pictured in the Title page, my son and the falls behind him. He was a good sport and posed for me for some photos.

I will let Meika lead the way down to the lower falls.

Moss grows under the clear water, making it appear green.

Look closely there is a dog here. Can you find it?

The creek wonders it’s way down little crevices to this large deep pool at the bottom.

And this one.

Find the dog in this one?

I couldn’t get the top of that rock and the bottom all in one frame, so here is another angle.

Looking straight down. It gives a weird optical illusion.

Looking down…

You can get closer by climbing down..

As long as you keep two points of contact with the walls.

It is very deep, so if you fall here, you just get wet.

And for the ending, the creek leaving the bottom pool of El Salto Falls.


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