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I  am a grandmother, and mom. I have two sons, one is 34 and one is 30, my grandson is 7! I have two dogs, and three cats. I enjoy hiking and exploring along with taking photos and my new interest is blogging.

I am about to have my 56th Birthday in September. My favorite animal is the cat. My favorite color is blue. My profession is dog training and dog grooming. Something you may not know. I ran a trout fishing resort in Cotter, Arkansas on the White River for 22 years while my boys were growing up. We had 9 cabins, 7 boats, a boat dock.

Add a photo below of something near or dear to you, and add where you are from.

#3 Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi! I live in Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand. This is a view from "The Mall" which used to be called Queen St. It's the main road of Onehunga and you see Mt Maungakeikei otherwise known as "One tree Hill". Since a mad man took a chain saw it became "None Tree Hill". Apparently the Maori race felt wronged by the presence of a pine tree, so now there are several young saplings planted on top and what survives, stays.

I live with my husband Warwick or Rick for short and one Budgie Louis. We are retired and teach art. We both do art work, illustrations  but I also do photography and have a desire to tell stories, and just enjoy life. I have a web site - feel free to browse. I have many interests and used to do care giving and catering.


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#4 The port of my new life

I am a woman from a small but very beautiful town in Bulgaria. In January I will be 59 years old. I'm a mother of two sons. Grandmother of one grandson at 8 years old. And a little princess at 4 years. In October we expect the third grandchild. For very painful family reasons in 2008, I had to leave my home country. I have lived in Spain since then.

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  1. A native of Ancon Panama in the former Canal Zone who moved to Louisiana in 1978 after the Carter-Torrijos Treaty of 1977 ended the American control of the Panama Canal. I go by the satire name “The Fiery Zonian” since I have been relieved of my duties from many writing sites. I get my humor by reading quotes of famous people dead or alive which are misunderstood by some of my critics.

  2. Am 54 years old. Mother of 5 children ranging from 18 to 27. My late mum was Chinese while my dad was Arab. Lived in Malaysia all my life except the 5 years spent in Texas studying. Love travelling.. (sorry, I don’t have any photos with me right now)?

  3. I am originally from Chicago but have lived in Cincinnati, Maryland, Indianapolis and Bangkok Thailand. I used to work on my grandfather’s resort (small, only four cabins) in Wisconsin when I was younger. I love boating and my dog. No picture though did this at lunch at work!

    • Good to know more about you. We’ve talked about Maryland before, so I knew that. Resort work is hard but fun. I know I have some great memories of resort life. Thanks for commenting even though you couldnt post a picture. This is what really counts.