The last 20 pictures on my cell phone. Do you know where your pictures are?

I talk about backups and system protection all the time. One of my biggest complaints is where people only take pictures on their cell phone and then, frankly never back those up. I lost 300 digital pictures very early on in my camera days. I to this day regret that (some pictures from a camera I can never replace). So I am extremely diligent about backing my pictures up. Just to kind of carry that point to its fullest point.

Here are the pictures currently on my iPhone. There are 22. These are the only pictures on my iPhone. Why? I back them up. Once a week or so I move them to my network based storage solutions (3 in my house and one in the cloud). That way I am never at risk for losing pictures. The 22 images on my iPhone are also on my OneDrive from Microsoft. Using the application on my iPhone, I can update and upload the pictures as I take them.

That means even my iPhone has a double backup (my Apple account backs up to Apple online, and my photos also back up to Microsoft One drive). The reason to share these pictures with you today is to show you what you lose if you don’t back your cell up. Apple will be releasing iOS 11 in the next few days. 99.9% of the time that means nothing. If you brick your phone during the upgrade or worse, don’t back up your phone and drop it in a lake, then you lose all the pictures on your phone. You can’t replace pictures of the dog curled up on the couch with a blanket!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. My pictures go onto the computer and I back those up but I also just keep the SanDisk with all the photos and movie clips and purchase a new one. They are so small and easy to store. I back up the photos by burning them onto disk twice. So, 1 copy on the SanDisk, 1copy on the computer (with some deleted), and two copies on separate disks.

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