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Rottweiler – The love of my life

Im a big dog lover, have hade a ton of diffrent breeds, but Rotts have THE place in my heart. So I thought I should share the pure joy of a dog walk.

Lets start with, hmm the ART?? of sleeping as a dog Ha ha 

As a Rotty you must first check out so the area is safe. This is Remus, looking out for us before we start the walk.

Of course he have full control of everyone in his pack. Check the tilt on his head when he don’t get why 1 of us didn’t follow as fast Ha ha. 

So now, lets help one an other in hard times..Hmm like getting the stick, or its actually a big log back to the car. These are Aslan & Remus.


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Written by Karin Dahlén


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    • Yes i know, i cant say how many times, people switched sides when i come with my boys….. BUT i can also add, my vet takes in Remus as a show & tell for outher dog owners 😀 and he has also been helping people with dog fear. He hade toddlers crawling on him, so its sad they have sutch a bad rep… I owned 3 rotts all males & i never hade any form of probs with them, but i DO walk them 3 times a day, i do workout their brains with jobs.

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