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Come, Sit, Stay!

Let me introduce “Meika”.

She is a German Shepherd and Tundra Wolf X. She is considered a low content wolf dog because of her appearance. She looks mostly dog, with a few wolf qualities. Her dam was a White Tundra Wolf, her sire a Black and Tan half German Shepherd Timber Wolf Mix.

I adopted her from a man who walked into my grooming shop one day with his full grown White Tundra Wolf. She had had puppies 4 months prior, and had come in for her much needed luxury bath.

While talking with the gentleman, I had learned he had successfully adopted out all the pups but one. He had her in the car and wanted to bath her as well. I learned he had to go pick her up upon visiting the home for a recheck on the pup. I found out she had been turned loose and never let in the home. She was running wild on acres of a local Indian Reservation. She was dehydrated, emaciated and almost completely feral.

After her bath he asked if I would take her, she seemed to bond with me in that short of time. You hear about dogs picking their owners, well it happens. lol

She has been with me for four years now. Here are some of our most memorable times. Hope you enjoy.

Checking out our property in the desert and some creek time fun. These are from the first few months. 

She loves to swim, going in even over her head. Maggie Mae the red one teaches her that water is fun.

Maggie helped out a lot. She taught her the finer points of being a dog.

Like swimming and chasing balls.

It’s okay to get wet and muddy!

“We get baths at the grooming shop and go home to rest and play with family”.

She is still a bit skittish, but is fully trained as a dog. Her favorite things to do now is swim and chase those ever so pesky, “WABBITS”!


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