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Peacocks – mystical birds

Some animals associate with paranormal – such as cats. If we talk specifically about birds, these are ravens and owls. I had not heard, however, that the peacocks were also in this category. That’s what Nick Redford points out in an article about Mysterious Universe, the first-person stories in his article are his. His material begins with the following quote from The Book of Phrase and Fable, 1898:


The tail of the peacock is the emblem of the Dark Eye, the constantly watching traitor. The story is this: Argus was the chief adviser to Osiris, the ruler of Egypt. When the king goes to India, he leaves his queen Ices to Argus. But he used his hundred spies (called the eyes) to become so powerful and fearful that he could usurp power. Argus closes the queen in a fortress and proclaims himself a king. God Mercury, however, stands up against him, takes him in captivity, and cuts off his head. But then, goddess Juno turns Argus into a peacock and puts his eyes on the tail.


Is it accidental mention of the peacock in this myth? There are several modern mysterious stories in which this bird is also present.

In 2004, I traveled to Puerto Rico along with John Downs from the Center for Fortean Zoology – we were looking for a breakwater. We investigated a number of cases where the mythical beast had attacked and killed peacocks. Interestingly, broodabra had not attacked any other animal, just the peacocks. Why, we never understood.Two years later, in 2006, I spent 6 months in the UK. Then there had just been a few cerebral circles in the field near the ruins of the historic Charthy Castle in Staffordshire.Because I was close I decided to go and see the circles, they were from the classical elementary type, with no drawings in them. The most interesting thing was that several punic feathers were carefully placed in the center of the formation. Other feathers were scattered on the side of the road. I had no idea why they were there. But there was one known. Jane Adams practiced Wika and she told me in a conspiratorial tone that the feathers were placed there as part of a strange and embarrassing ritual. The aim was to call out in our world a strange beast like a “phantom cat”, a “black dog” or Bigfoot. And to my question who exactly does these rituals, Jane told me that this is an occult organization that has put tentacles all over the UK. Truth or not – it was a remarkable story.In 2012, cryptologist Neil Arnold (pictured) published his book “Shadows in the Sky”. There it describes something that happened only a few months after the appearance of the crop circles in Staffordshirer.

Before retrieving the queue

The action unfolds in Eastern Sussex in November 2006, even written on the BBC website. Several different drivers tell of the sudden appearance of peacocks on the road through which even the cars pass. But when people go down, they have no trace of even a bird. Authorities are also investigating messages, but no traces of blood or feathers are found, and they always remain when a bird is hit by a vehicle. He speaks of "ghostly peacocks."

The next story is from the United States. On the morning of June 28, 2007, a peacock appeared at a Burger King's restaurant on Stalen Island. Surprised staff give the bird bread that she eats enthusiastically. But then a man who kills a peacock pops up somewhere. It turns out that this is a young schizophrenic who has stopped taking his medication. Police say he killed a deadly vampire. (BB notice if the advent and sacrifice of the peacock was intended to prevent the murder of a staff member?)

The latest story is from Wisconsin and is from 2012. The LaCrosse Tribune magazine tells the story of how local sheriffs were investigating a Sasquatch surveillance report. Interestingly, one of them mentioned how there were problems with different peacocks in the area that day. Random Match?

Do the above stories mean anything or absolutely nothing? Is everything a coincidence? Perhaps for every animal, we can find 5-6 stories with a paranormal flavor and come to the conclusion that this animal is mystical. We can not give a definite answer, let's watch what other strange stories will come up in the future.


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  1. Great post and those photos are so pretty. Peacocks are the prettiest birds of all. I have heard about the eyes before, long ago. I don’t even know where.