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Free Walk of the Paunas in the Yard!

Indeed, there is nothing more beautiful than an open peacock on the green lawn in the yard! The age of the peacock in the free-to-play training in your property is important. It is best to be young, 6 months old to one year old birds! They are easier to adapt, and on the other hand they are large enough to be comfortable with small puppies and cats. It is more difficult and time consuming for older birds.Before we bring the peacocks home, we must have prepared a sheltered place where they will sleep, like to sleep high on a perch at a height of 1.5 – 2 meters. We must also provide a wide enough enclosed courtyard to walk around when not released. In this aviary, peacocks have to grow for at least 1 month until they get used to the new environment and their new home.

It is very important before we first release the peacock freely in the yard, trim the feathers of one wing! How do I describe it below? The peacocks quickly realize that they can not fly, calm down, and walk around curiously in the yard. It is good to have one or two intermediate perches to jump the peacock to the sleeping area and back to the ground when the feathers of one of the wings are cut off and can not fly.We feed the peanuts and change their water during the day while they are closed in the first month so they will get used to their owner. We give them treats – green food – cabbage leaves, lettuce, alfalfa, grapes, pieces or apple peel, small pieces of bread – so we’ll be friends.


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