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Do you have a pet?

In ancient times, man has managed to seduce wild animals in order to benefit from them.

The Chinese Emperors, the Egyptian Pharaohs, had homemade animals, now called house pets.

There are a huge number of animals that people hold for socializing.

Among the most numerous are: dogs, cats, birds, fish in the aquarium, to rare and exotic species, Aliigatro, Piton etc ..

In this little quiz, the first question is whether you have a pet at all.

And then from the three groups of Dogs, Cats and Birds, I’ll ask you if you have a specific kind. If you do not, your answer is number three.

Thank you for taking part in the Quiz

  • Question of

    Whether in your apartment or in a house you have any kind of pet, It’s meant by the animal.

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    If you have a dog, is it the next race?

    • .German Shepherd
    • French puddle
    • Never other
  • Question of

    If you have a cat, is it the next race?

    • Siamese cat
    • Radgol cat
    • Never other
  • Question of

    If in your apartment or house you have a bird as a pet, is the next race

    • Parot
    • Atlantic canary
    • Never other


What do you think?

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  1. We have a dog but it’s mixed breed, not purebred. We don’t have a cat at the moment but we have in the past. We’ve also had birds but not at the moment. We have two lizards (Chinese Water Dragon and Bearded Dragon) and my daughter has a rabbit (highly unrecommended as a pet, especially for kids).