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Never Look at Birds the Same Way

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I have always been fascinated by hawks and eagles, probably because they have been prominent where I live so I have been able to enjoy many birds of prey.  I don’t think I paid much attention to the smaller birds that we have here. It was probably about six months ago when my husband asked how many pictures of birds had CarolDM taken. I, of course, was clueless.  He took  few hours and tried to go through virily and count them. I think he truly enjoyed it. He added a bird bath to the back yard. However, magpies just don’t like to share space with other birds. 

The bird that is pictured is listed on the critically endangered list. The estimate is there are less than 1000 living in the wild. The name of the bird is Araripe manakin. 

I truly appreciate the new and different perspectives and observations I find here.


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  1. The other day I was out on my walk and saw a beautiful butterfly. CarolDM’s wonderful butterfly pictures made me stop and, I was actually talking on my phone so I couldn’t take a picture but I wanted to.

    She is a great influence for all of us. Birds, BUtterflies, Eyore, and flowers (oh and anything blue!)

  2. As I sit and write at my PC I see woodpeckers and some other birds sitting on the cable wires but they’re too far away to see what they are. Occasionally I get a lovely bird chorus. I loved the birds that I had in my garden in Latvia. There were various kinds of birds in spring and summer that always sang in our apple trees and these amazing large crows that were with us all year long and sat on our fence cawing for breakfast every morning.


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