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Nature's Delightful arrangements

I am going to show and tell about nature around us in Auckland but mainly Onehunga where I live.

Here is an assortment of different natural living things

I love nature and have a curiosity about it.

#1 Peach Blossoms

So lucky, our golden Queen Peach tree grew from a pip that was thrown out of the window. Now others have Peach trees from the fruit of this tree. 

Im am looking forward to my Golden Queen peaches. They are sweet and delicious fruit to eat

The first flower shown is a rose from my garden

#2 Cherry Tree Blossoms in Spring

Onehunga, it is a real cherry tree but it is far too hot for cherries to grow in Auckland

#3 Monarch Butterflies

I bring the caterpillars inside and take care of them. They go through a life cycle and this is the result

They are set free to fly after

Butterflies are, "Flowers that fly!"

See more

#4 Copper Penny Butterfly

It is a Butterfly that is really small and found on our beaches in New Zealand

#5 Turtle dove

Its a dove with a collar, Onehunga

#6 This is the present Blackbird

I feed the neighbours cats when they are away and these Blackbirds help themselves when the cats are away.

There are 2 or 3, this is a very young Blackbird and it is friendly and tame but I always warn him to be wary of cats....

    • Totally agree with you Albert, cats should never be in New Zealand because they kill everything that moves.
      It is one of the reasons why some of NZ birds are now extinct.
      Sad but you cant take cats away from lonely people. I don’t hate cats, it is their nature.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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