My beloved Summer…

You left us… I will miss you, because only with you my days were filled with warmth, with you my days were colored…

Only you were able to give different flowers every day, only with you I learned to hear the songs of birds and the music of silence…

You left, but I will wait for you to come back… I know you will come back, because without you, I am feeling cold and lacking light.

I need you when all the environment is gray, when it is white and black; I need you when it is dark and when it is raining…

I need you that you would warm up me as only you is able to, that you would touch my face and body with your warm palms…

You left a few days ago and from that day, I started waiting for you, my beloved Summer.© Fortune, 2020

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Written by Fortune


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  1. I still love the summer but it brings lots of sad memories for me. So I look forward to autumn now. The flowers are lovely do they remain all September? I remember back in Latvia my roses slowly wilted through September but still held on.

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