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If you are not familiar with skunks, you might want to read this. They are a cool looking black and white mammal you might want to be friends with if you ever see one. Trust me, they are not your friend. They have scent glands and if you sneak up on them or scare them, you will be sorry. The spray in their scent glands are a smell you will not forget. And not in a good way. And if you have a dog do not allow him/her to get around a skunk. The scent, if sprayed, almost has to wear off. Not good at all.

*UPDATE This photo was taken out in the corn field when the dairy farm was still here. I kept my distance.

Photo Β©Dustin4ever

Skunk in Corn Field

I definitely kept my distance while taking this photo.


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Written by Carol DM

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  1. Being a dog groomer, I have to add. There is a way to get rid of a skunk spray on a dog. The key is to not get them wet with water. Oil and water does not mix. If you get water on a dog that has been sprayed, you have to let it wear off.
    Now for the trick. Mix 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide, with 1/4 cup baking powder, and a squirt of dish soap. Mix this together, get out your rubber gloves, and sponge the liquid on, working all the way to the skin. Blot with towel, then use regular dog shampoo, and wash the dog, if you have conditioner, that is a good thing as well to use.
    Now there is an over the counter stuff called Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor removal. It works okay, but not as well as mixing yourself.

      • Thank you Carol. Yes, I wonder how many over the years. Back before I knew about the peroxide, we used to use the powdered massengail douche powder. It worked too, but they quit making that years ago. If you use this method, there will be no smell left from the skunk. After just one bath.

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