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My dog Frani gets sweet wagon ride around Golden Gate Park

I took Frani on a joyous ride around Golden Gate Park where she made new friends. Frani is battling Pancreatic Cancer, since she is unable to walk I decided to buy Wagon for her. She’s not so happy to be pulled/pushed in a wagon but she loved being outside. I will totally be pulling or pushing her around her favorite Parks everyday so she can get outdoors.

What do you guys think? Would you ever buy a Wagon like this for your dog?

What do you think?

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Written by Gina23

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  1. You are a wonderful canine mother! *huge hug* I’d definitely do this for Splay any time that she can’t cope on being outside and going for walks on all four paws. When she was younger, she cut her paw on some glass and I could only take her around the adjoining gardens for her walkies, but we still managed (thank heavens both sets of neighbours were away at the time, and their gardens unwalled!).Deepest sympathy for the emotional and physical strain that you are both having to endure xx

    • Thanks a lot Lois, I hate having to leave my dog behind all the time when I head out for walks. We have had her all her life, except in the weaning process. I’m am literally sick from worrying about her. How’s your baby now?

    • I get a little emotional thinking about the day when my walking buddy will turn into my wagon buddy, but, yeah, Iā€™d totally use a wagon to improve frani’s quality of life. I don’t want her to stay in her bed all day

      • It’s a good idea and although it will be really sad that she can’t make it out on her own legs, at least she has the option of going out to get some fresh air. We would definitely do the same for Jessie. We always said that even if she lost her legs we would have wheel braces fitted. My dog is my world. She was abused in the first four months of her life on a horrible farm and we rescued her. She was the most nervous dog ever, but now she loves life and is the most loving dog you could imagine. I’ll do a post on her in the future :o)

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