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Gothenburg seen as a turist

Im born in Gothenburg but took a visit back last year. I wish to show you the beauty Gotheburg has to offer. Pictures are all from Masthugget, Linnegatan and the free range Slottskogen.

Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden. The configuration of Sweden’s borders made Gothenburg strategically critical. As it is the only Swedish gateway to the North Sea and Atlantic, situated on the west coast in a very narrow strip of Swedish territory between Denmark and Norway.

In 1731, the Swedish East India Company was founded, and the city flourished due to its foreign trade with highly profitable commercial expeditions to China

This is Slottskogen which is a huge area were you walk, take your dog for  a walk or just endjoy. This water streams are made with benches beside so you can sit down and look at sights.

I wear pink and i flaunt it 😉 There is some animals here that are some what free range. I could not resist this beauty strutting its stuff.

We are in Gothenburg, there for we must look at our duck population  😉 We have huge amounts of seagulls and ducks here Ha ha ha

This seals are kept in a aquarium, ALL kindergartens in Gothenburg comes at least once  a year to look at this seals. Note we have over 5 quarters, or sections.

This is from Linnegatan one of the grand quarters, and have all beautiful architecture in  old school style. Linne is well known for its buildings

And yes we love towers and churches.

Concept of tower top apartments are high here and worth tons….

Again a new tower top apartment , i do not even want to know the price tag for rent here O.o 😉 I really enjoy the great view from the street and wish i could live in one

Corcy windows, well decorated and all different on all the buildings are a must

Busy street and do note, i just have gone one block down from previous picture, so i am still on the SAME street. and yet again new tower, new window decoration….

This is Linneachurch, look at the amazing art work….. top ten if you ask me

Youp we do joke and banter a lot.. That’s what makes US GothenburGERS 😉

And the last is Mastuggs church . I went to school just beside it. Sorry the picture is not the best . But this one is huge and placed in between houses, apartments, so you can not get a full view of it


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Written by Karin Dahlén

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  1. It’s a beautiful city. I love the Gothic buildings. We also have similar issues with photographic some places in Montreal. The beautiful old churches are now surrounded by houses and apartments, and there is no good place to stand to photograph them.

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