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The Cutest Donkey That Will Make Your Day With What He Does

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Donkeys are so cute creatures. They are known to be friendly too. And this one will leave you amazed. It chases after cars. You might think what is he doing actually. But, he only wants to be petted. This little donkey loves attention. Having a pet donkey may sound like a crazy idea, but this one changed my mind. You can see that it enjoys so much to be petted. It likes to be cuddled as a puppy!

Do you think that donkeys are cute? Have you petted one?


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Written by Kristina


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  1. I like donkeys too. Or ‘asses’ as we call them here 🙂 Although I once had one close his jaws on my upper arm (quite painful but didn’t draw blood) and refuse to let go – until I thumped him on the nose. Oh well, there’s always one exception to prove the rule 🙂

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