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Animals and nature of the swamp, Senično, Slovenia

Today I took a walk in the swamp and around in the nearby forest. I was observing the nature and the wildlife. If we’re calm and patient and of course, quiet, and hide in the woods behind trees, we can see different animals. These animals are very timid so we have to be completely quiet if we want to see them. Believe me, it pays off to see these beautiful sceneries, it takes your breath away.

Deer, white and grey herons,.. yet the hawk was too far away and hidden in the trees I sadly cannot show you the bird. Herons are cautious as well, their predator hawk preying on them.

The rare white heron(in our parts). It was very far away so the photo looks blurry. But we saw it! 

They are much more timid than the grey ones.

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A smallest noise and the deer are already checking their surroundings for predators. 

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For an interesting thing, when we walk in the swamp, we have to be extra careful. On the other side in the shadowy part there's completely different scene. As you see, this forest path where the water runs as well, is completely covered in ice. 

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This is how proudly the deer was  walking. He must show who's the leader of the herd. The leader always stands the guard. 

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Near every forest there's a creek. As you see, the nature is green, so the animals stay here because there's food and water and the survival conditions are high. 

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The grey heron standing proud. Slowly making it's way through the swamp. 

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These two are a beautiful couple. I don't know if they're in love or are siblings. I didn't ask because I have manners. 😀

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And now that we're full, we have to go back into our safe haven in the forest. And so the deer happily ran into the woods. Maybe we'll see them again tomorrow. 

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