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Birds of the Alphabet ~ BLUEBIRD

Continuing with a new series I started about one of my favorite subjects. Birds!

Since I have not seen most of these birds, and they are not in my area, I have to use photos that I did not take. 

If you are insulted by the internet photos, apologies in advance.

However, today I can post one of my own photos of two Eastern BLUEBIRDS.

Any day now, three bluebird eggs will be hatching in the backyard house. The photo is the male and female bluebird right outside the deck, checking out the bluebird eggs in the house. Fingers crossed they will all be healthy and remain safe. Will keep you all posted.

Photo Β©CarolDM All Rights Reserved

Male Eastern Bluebirds are vivid, deep blue above and rusty on the throat and breast. Blue in birds always depends on the light, and males often look plain grayish brown from a distance. Females are grayish above with bluish wings and tail, and a subdued orange-brown breast.

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  1. I also don’t know bluebirds. Are they very fast fliers? I ask because I remember that Donald Campbell named his vehicle ‘Bluebird’ when he broke the land speed record in the 1960s. The things we remember, heh? πŸ™‚


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