A close-up of an Asian Otter enjoying a meal of fresh Squid

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Playful Facts About Otters ~ #3

Continuing with my Otter series. Here is the second post if you missed it:

Playful Facts About Otters ~ #2

Many otters eat tough food, particularly sea otters that inhabit the shallow coastal waters of the northern Pacific. 

Sea otters obtain their food by diving. Using their webbed feet, which are well adapted for swimming, sea otters can dive more than 200 feet and stay underwater for up to 5 minutes. 

These otters can sense prey using their whiskers. They also use their agile front paws to find and grasp their prey.

They are known for preying on hard shelled marine invertebrates, including abalones, sea urchins, clams, mussels and crabs, usually fracturing the shells with their teeth.

A sea otter can consume up to 11kg of food per day to support its high metabolism, about a quarter of its own body weight! 

Sea otters have loose skin and baggy “pockets” underneath their forelimbs. They can store extra food, and rocks used as tools, in these pockets.

*Not my photo. I wish I could take credit but not this time.

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  1. We have otters visiting our parks LOL they swim in the pond sometimes…
    since they came to Asia, they seems to pick up the skill of crossing the road.

    They’ve been spotted doing that many times 🙂

    Thanks for the cool information about them! :p


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