Photography – Pt. 2

I got a great walk in at Humboldt Park this morning. I walked through a few of the hidden paths that I typically do not run on when I run at the park. Some of my favorite images captured were of the Lily pads within the lagoon. From there I got the chance to capture a few close ups of flowers within the many paths. Such a very beautiful walk! 

Humboldt Park – LagoonHumboldt Park – Entrance to LagoonHumboldt Park – Weeds & FlowersHumboldt Park – Weeds & FlowersHumboldt Park – Weeds & FlowersHumboldt Park – LagoonHumboldt Park – PathHumboldt Park – Weeds & Flowers

I am just getting into this walking challenge. Thankfully, it is just 50 kilometers (31 miles) because I do have other challenges going on involving running this month. 

Photography – Pt. 1 

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