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17 health benefits of having a cat at home

Reduces the risk of heart attack: The thought of the heart attack is quite frightening. If you feel threatened with a heart attack, take a cat. A study conducted by UniversityMinnesota, that proves that the people who have cats reduces the risk of a heart attack by one third. The idea that you can help yourself against a heart attack should be enough to cause you to think of a cat in your home.

Reduce Stress: If you have a cat, it means you live less stressed. The possession of a cat has many psychological advantages and one of them is reduced stress. Even the care of the animal helps you feel better and more relaxed.

Soothes the nerves: Not only reduces stress, cats also help to calm the nerves. Taking care of the cat itself is so calming. So when we are preoccupied with taking care of someone else, we separate from other concerns. Also, when your cat tries to cuddle you, purring and stroking acts as irreplaceable soothing.

Improves mood: In many cases, contact with animals improves mood. This also applies to cats. If you need high tone and more straightforward thoughts – take your cat.

It helps against depression: If you have a cat, it undoubtedly helps fight depression. In fact, the cat can not cure the depression itself. It helps to put our thoughts away from our problems and to focus on something different. Also, the love that your cat radiates to you acts soothingly. If you are depressed, the cat is a perfect ally in the fight against depression.

Helps with Autism: Autism manifests itself mainly through the difficulty of communication and social inclusion. Those suffering from autism have a problem communicating with the way people around them communicate. The cat can also help in this case. They are even used as a medicine for children with autism.

Lighten the feeling of loneliness: Many people in the world who feel lonely are helping out by finding their pet. Cat’s company helps us to create a new world at home – someone who is waiting for us to come and play with and play after a hard day’s work.

Reduced visits to our GP: The possession of a cat significantly reduces our meetings with the world of medicine – hospitals, doctors, medicines. Studies on the subject prove that clinics and hospitals that include cats for the curative or restorative process reduce the cost and time needed for rehabilitation compared to hospitals that do not benefit from cat food aid.

Longer life: Finally, but not least, cats help us live longer through the many health benefits that their presence contributes to. So if you want to live longer and be healthier, think about taking a cat for a pet. I have a cat myself-and I can tell you for sure-take a cat, you will not regret it.

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