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Jerusalem Street Cats

Jerusalem is a very special city, and has very special historical monuments and religious places to visit. But if you look carefully, there is another layer to Jerusalem and that is the Jerusalem Street Cats.

This cat followed me and wanted pet in the worst way!  He is very thin, yet keeps himself clean.  A man came by and put some food down, but this little guy only had a few bites and continued to follow me. He didn’t mind to get picked up, and I took him back to the food, which he didn’t want, instead he was very happy to get pet!

Now, this is the usual street cat.  I named him Scruffy.  You can see why.  This female can’t keep herself clean.  This picture was taken at night that is why the light is bad.  But Scruffy wanted to get pet too!  She kept following me until I came to my building. I couldn’t take her inside because I already have a cat and my cat is very jealous if she smells another cat!

Here is a link is to my Cat creative writing blog. So if you want you can go there for more stories and fun stuff about cats!


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