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Protect Your Cats

Cats are spiritual animals who love unconditionally. They own their humans. However we are responsible for them and everything involving our relationships with them.

Should Your Cat Be a Ferrall or Indoor Cat?

Although cats have hunter instinct, it’s best to make them indoor cats so that they live longer and they are protected from evils of the outside world. Even with this type of protection, their are things to stay on top off formost. You want the best life for them and you. Here are some of things to really stay on top of it:

  • Safety: Things that you normally would not think about that are a problem, are. Especially the kitchen stove! Most kittens will climb the stove without thinking about danger. Had been known to trip the dials and turning the stove on which is very dangerous and scary. Most of us get around this by blocking the stove when it is off. I keep a tea kettle and a wok on mine, at all times when it is off, to keep my cat off of it. Some cover theirs with plates or collenders.
  • Microwave Ovens: Today companies make their microwave ovens easier to use for humans. That is with one tap of the button, they are on and running. They do not have cats in the back of their minds when creating easy to use technology. Be very careful here! Block or unplug your microwave when you are not using it. Cats jumping up on the counter rubbing microwave buttons are a cause of apartment or house fires. Always protect first.
  • Plants: Most houseplants are poisonous to cats. For this reason, it’s best for cat parents not to have plants inside the house for your indoor to cat to bite them. If you have to have your plants, keep them in a closed room or outside. Or you can hang them from the ceiling. If you cat bites those leafs call poison control first. Then call your Vet.
  • Safeguard your cats from plug heads: This is mostly true of kittens They play with them and bite the metal parts. Sometimes they chew the plug heads, which is very dangerous! Whereas older cats are trained so they step over the plugs.
  • Keep your poisons cabinet up high where they can’t get to them. If you need to, install child safety locks.
  • Above all, enjoy each other and pet kitty.

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Written by pftsusan


  1. Great tips. The plants we have in the house are all edible, even when it comes to cats. I also have a large patch of catnip outside and occasionally bring some in for them to enjoy. I enjoy the catnip, too, and put it into my iced tea.

  2. Great tips. I lost my cat two weeks ago. She had become a door dasher, and got out. We have a huge coyote problem here, there are 12 coyotes for every mile, she was never seen again. Today I am building a cat fence for my backyard. A huge pen with a top, that will encompass the whole backyard and that door they always try to get out of. Next time they try to dash out, It will be fenced. For plants you can buy cat grass that is good for them to munch on, and there is also a few great lists online of poisonous plants for pets. Lilies are some of the worst. Watch out for cut flowers as well. Oh and one you didnt mention. Watch out for recliner chairs, they like to sleep under them and can harm them.

    • Both of my cats survived the recliner sofas and chairs. I’m always careful to look before I close them. My first cat thought nothing of going under an open recliner. My second cat is careful not to. I trained her in safety first. I always practice this.

      • She never returned, but the cat enclosure worked. The whole yard is now fenced up to 10 foot high and the top is angled so they cannot climb. It’s been a full month since I fenced, no one has gotten out, and they have adjusted to patio life!