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Would You Survive Game

I have always loved reading about how to survive in the wilderness type books, articles, shows and movies. 

You might of heard of Bear Grylls, he takes the actors and people out on wilderness adventures. Recently he came out with a would you survive interactive show for kids called, “You vs Wild”. It is staged and not very real, but gave me the idea for this quiz. So, thank you Bear. 

Would you survive a boat wreck, and a stay on a deserted island? 

Answer these 10 questions to see if how you would fair… 

Good luck and I hope to see you off that island soon! 

  • Question of

    You are fishing just off of an island in the Caribbean. Your boat catches fire. You grab your backpack and rubber raft, jump in and make it to shore when you notice a gash on your leg. What would you do?

    • Look for fresh water.
    • Search for shelter.
    • Wash and cover the wound.
    • Curse the fire that started on the boat.
  • Question of

    It is a hot midday sun. You’ve treated your wound. Why is it important to find shade?

    • To hide from wild animals.
    • So the bugs won’t bother you.
    • You will sweat less, preserving water. Wait until it cools down to do the next best thing.
  • Question of

    It is now in the afternoon, the shadows are long. You need to find shelter. Where would you stay the night?

    • I would find a cave.
    • In the treetops.
    • I would make a tent on the beach with the rubber raft close to the wreckage of the boat that drifted to shore, and a fresh water source.
    • I would hike inland and find a bluff shelter close to a fresh water source.
  • Question of

    You’ve made your shelter, but need to signal for help. What is the best way?

    • Jump up and down and wave your arms.
    • Write Help in the sand.
    • Write SOS in the sand or use rocks and build a fire near it.
    • Keep yelling HElP every hour.
  • Question of

    You haven’t found water but realize from the wreckage that you have what it takes to make your own water purifier using a water still. What do you need to gather?

    • A metal tube and bucket.
    • A plastic bucket and lid.
    • A magnifying glass and some green leaves.
    • A plastic sheet and hole, a container and vegetation.
  • Question of

    You now have enough water for a few nice drinks. You go to sleep. You sleep through the night and wake up refreshed, but very hungry. You find some fishing line in your backpack. You make a fishing pole and go out fishing. You catch a spiky fish. What would you do with the fish?

    • Catch and release. I wouldn’t keep a spiky fish, most are toxic.
    • Lick my chops and prepare it for sushi!
    • Make a fire and boil it.
    • Keep it as a pet and catch another fish to eat.
  • Question of

    You release that dangerous fish, catch a nice fish to eat, and a shark bumps your leg getting ready to attack. What would you do?

    • Swim as fast as you can for shore.
    • Punch him in the tail to paralyze him.
    • Punch him in the gills or eyes.
    • Move away and freeze and hope he doesn’t see you.
  • Question of

    You make a fire to cook your dinner. Sitting there with a full stomach you know that you survived the wound on your leg and a potentially dangerous fish, a shark attack but think you might be in shock. What are the symptoms of shock?

    • Frequent urination.
    • Sneezing and coughing.
    • Confusion, changes in mental status, rapid breathing.
  • Question of

    After sitting in the shade for awhile you start to feel better. You must of just been tired and stressed. You decide to explore to find a water source. You find some red berries. What would you do with them?

    • Pull as many as I can and eat some, save the rest for later.
    • Wash them first then eat them.
    • Leave them be. Red berries could be poisonous.
    • Pick them on the way back to camp.
  • Question of

    You find a water source very near coming from a crevice in a rock, the only problem is, is that it only drips slowly and would take all day to fill a gallon. Is this enough?

    • 64 oz.
    • 2 Litres
    • I gallon
    • Depends on your exertion.


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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