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What is your Vision for 2018?

I decided to create a realistic quiz based on various TV characters’ and TV personalities’ jobs. Some are actually real people in society. Sometimes, someone we see on TV might give us an idea for our future career, although it might not be exactly similar. As you read each question, pick the answer that best matches your dreams and goals. It is all about personality and lifestyle, and which environment is best suited for you.

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    1. Who do you most want to look like?

    • Chandler or Phoebe from Friends
    • Ross or Monica from Friends
    • Joey or Rachel from Friends
    • Gangster or Assassin
    • Ron Jeremy(porn star) or Heidi Fleiss(madam)
    • Corey Feldman, Macauley Culkin, Amy Fisher(real life Long Island Lolita), or Brooke Shields
    • None of the Above. You prefer to be yourself.
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    2. Whose job are you most interested in?

    • Chandler(business office slave) or Phoebe(street peddler)
    • Ross(professor) or Monica(chef)
    • Joey(actor) or Rachel(Department Store Buyer)
    • Conspiring to kill certain people to silence them for lots of money
    • being successful as a porn actor or being successful as a madam of prostitution ring
    • Being a child actor based on looks, even though you can’t act, and then having no acting career as an adult, and then being with a sugar daddy.
    • None of the Above. You prefer a real job that uses your God-given skills and talents, even if it doesn’t pay much.
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    3. What is your dream work environment?

    • corporation or street vendor
    • big university or trendy restaurant
    • movie studios or mall
    • Downtown City Life, warehouses, and alleys
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • New York or Los Angeles
    • at home, on your computer or in your own studio
  • Question of

    4. What type of person would you marry?

    • Boy Next Door or Girl from the Wrong Side of the Tracks
    • Nerdy man or Anal/Frigid Woman
    • Sexy Moron or Sexy Bimbo
    • Mexican Drug Cartel
    • Famous Porn Star or CEO of a Call Girl Service
    • Promiscuous Teenager or Child Model
    • Your Soulmate
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    5. What is your dream home?

    • Townhouse in West Village in Manhattan, NYC
    • Townhouse in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, NYC
    • Apartment in Midtown West in Manhattan, NYC
    • House in Tijuana, Mexico or Mexico City, Mexico
    • Mansion in West LA or WeHo
    • Apartment in Madison Avenue
    • Townhouse in California
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    6. What are you actual skills and talents?

    • Bachelor’s degree and office work
    • Master’s degree or PHD and a specialization certificate
    • High School degree, sales skills, likeable personality, and people-oriented
    • murdering, selling drugs, beheading, and torturing
    • sex, drugs, liquor, sales skills, social, flirting, good listener, partier, and dancer
    • flirty, tease, playful, cute, naïve, friendly, and crowd pleaser
    • teaching, educating, entertaining, healing, inventing, creating, selling or managing
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    7. Whose Vision is similar to yours?

    • Miranda Hobbs (Lawyer) in Sex in the City
    • Carrie Bradshaw (Freelance Writer) in Sex in the City
    • Zionist Mafia and Illuminati
    • Samantha Jones (owns a Public Relations Firm) in Sex in the City
    • a dog or cat
    • be independent and self-sufficient by teaching yourself new skills that you need in order to get things done. Do your own research on the internet as well as watch YouTube videos. Then, practice different techniques until you become an expert.
    • Charlotte York (Art Gallery Manager) in Sex in the City


What do you think?

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  1. I like being an independent person who goes by the motto “I would rather be feared than revered.” since there are some people who think that by playing the victim game that life is not fair, they will tear me down to their level of sorrow. It will not work.


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