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Creating own fairy tale

I believe that people are beautiful – both in thought and in heart, I believe that there are no mistakes, only lessons. I believe that goals must be big and daunting, such that you want to get out of bed in the morning, even if it’s still dark and rainy. I believe that there is a reward for everything and that you can be happy every day, no matter the environment or situation. And we have a lot of those situations.

I want to live meaningfully. Everyone in this life has their own mission, has reason for coming into this world, and what he will leave behind.

Someone will leave a house and a TV, someone – kids and a luxury car, someone – just rubbish and debt, but there will always be some who leave films, books, paintings, acting laws or things like that

I know what I’m creating. It’s my own fairy tale. Because I believe in them. They inspire me to dream, to admire the world, to raise goals of such high as bird flight, and to enjoy life here and now.

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