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What I am thankful for…Letters U – Z

Inside I have hidden one word that describes what I am thankful for, starting with letter U and ending with the letter Z,  (plus a few more) in each of these 10 photos. 

 See if you can find that word!! 

Good luck and have fun. 

  • I am thankful for Umbrellas on a rainy day! Where did I hide the word Umbrellas?

    • Top
    • Middle
    • Bottom
  • I am grateful for Veggies! Where did I hide this word?

    • On the top of the Lettuce
    • On the bottom of the frame.
    • In the back on the ground.
  • I am grateful for Wandering. I love to wander! Where is this word?

    • In the trees
    • On the path
    • On the left bottom
  • X-rays are a thing to be thankful for. Can you find it in this picture with all the X’s? What color is the font?

    • Dark Brown
    • Tan
    • Grey
    • Black
  • I am thankful for my Youth! Where is this word?

    • Left
    • Middle
    • Right
  • I am grateful for Zebras! My cat has stripes too. Where is the word Zebras?

    • Top
    • Middle
    • Bottom
  • That was the end of the alphabet. Here are a few more. I am thankful for Virily! Where is this word?

    • Right
    • Middle
    • Bottom
  • I had two for the letter F, I showed you Friends already, but what about the most important of all? Family! Where did I hide the word, Family?

    • Top
    • Middle
    • Bottom
  • I hid the word, Thankful in what area?

    • In the back round.
    • On the dog.
    • In the shadow.
    • On the sand.
    • Both 3 and 4!
  • I hid the words, “What are you thankful for?” in this one. Where?

    • The top
    • The cat’s face.
    • The cat’s body.
    • The feet.

What do you think?

16 points

Written by Kim_Johnson

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