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The Easter Bunny Came Last Night…

Did you spot him last night or in the early morning hours? 

If, by chance you missed him, maybe you can help me find him in these ten photographs? 

Each of the ten Easter Bunnies that are in the cover are hidden in the ten images below. 

Good luck hunting! Have fun. 

Happy Easter Everyone! 

  • Question of

    Which Easter Bunny is hidden in this image?

    • The one with the plaid bow.
    • The one with the emerald egg.
    • The two bunnies.
    • The one with the blue basket.
  • Question of

    The one above was not the two bunnies, they are here. Where?

    • Left
    • Middle
    • Right
  • Question of

    The baby bunny with the pink dress is hidden ______.

    • In a palm tree.
    • In the puddle.
    • On the row of cars.
    • In the sky.
  • Question of

    The bunny with the blue flower is hidden in this one. Which area?

    • Behind the poem.
    • In the green leaves.
    • On the top blue flower.
    • On the bottom blue flower.
  • Question of

    This one is hidden on the left hand side. True or False

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    This one is hidden on the right hand side. True or False

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    There is a boulder egg here, but that is not the egg with the Easter Bunny you want. Where is it?

    • Top
    • Middle
    • Bottom
  • Question of

    This bunny with the emerald egg is hidden on the _______.

    • Top back round .
    • Blue toy.
    • Rock the toy is on.
  • Question of

    This dancing bunny is hidden on what?

    • A dog.
    • The water.
    • The back round.
    • The rock in the foreground.
  • Question of

    Last one is hidden where?

    • Top
    • Middle
    • Bottom


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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