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Vocabulary Quiz! How well do you know your WORDS?

Try this quiz on definitions/meanings of WORDS! This will surely tease your brain (the one following this will be even tougher!). Enjoy!

  • glitch

    • type of cream used for neck or back pain
    • unexpected setback or irregularity
    • body injection site
  • layette

    • set of clothing or pajamas for a newborn baby
    • baby’s cradle
    • toy for a 6-8 year old child
  • epidural

    • ornamental pin on a policeman’s uniform
    • anesthetic put in the space around the spinal cord
    • a person with a broken limb
  • commensurate

    • promotion to a higher position within a company
    • kind gesture or remark
    • corresponding in size or degree (salary/age)
  • deposit

    • extracting teeth done by someone other than a dentist
    • removing someone from power
    • money placed in a bank or other account
  • numb

    • part of the upper thumb
    • lacking the power to feel or think
    • medical procedure to the thumb
  • shard

    • type of bitter cheese found in the south of France
    • child’s toy that was removed from the market due to defects
    • piece of broken glass
  • russet

    • color of reddish/brown
    • type of fish found mostly in Thailand
    • type of bird you only see in the arctic
  • vehement

    • homeless person scheduled to be placed in a shelter
    • large quantity of whiskey
    • showing strong feelings
  • quarantine

    • unapproved medical procedure performed in Mexico
    • flavor of spice used in licorice
    • isolation for people or animals

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