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Time capsule: Leaving the legacy to you…

Today is January 7, 2219:

An archeologist accidentally unearthed a 200-year old box in the Virily land.   The box was believed to be a  time capsule contained some artifacts from the former tenants of this nation.

The anticipation among the spectators was so high to see what’s inside the box.   A virtual hologram assistant named Mavic automatically activated giving instructions with her sexy voice. , “this box has to be opened now, the year 2219”.  The sexy voice added, “Ok, ok,  not to disrupt what’s inside the box let’s all open the box together and figure out whose who the objects belonging to.”

She said, “write on the comment section whose things you have identified correctly and why do you think it is hers or his.”

Let’s see what’s the contents of the time capsule.  Are you ready?”

  • Question of

    A pack of cake with a written note: ” Twinkie in! They never go bad! ” This belongs to …

    • Ileana Calotescu
    • Doc Andersen
    • Alex Ledante
  • Question of

    Ileana Calotescu’s contribution was…

    • a jar full of snow
    • a photo album about her city
    • a book of hansel and gretel
  • Question of

    A USB full of beautiful arts belonged to…

    • ellie925
    • Alex Ledante
    • Albert Widjojo
  • Question of

    “Only my memories!” Whose memories were these?

    • Marija64
    • Norman Darlington
    • Elena Bojchovska
  • Question of

    Photographs from the former Canal Zone in Panama like the railroad trains on the train tracks and images of the Bridge Of The Americas

    • Lado
    • Tassartcraft
    • Deepizzaguy
  • Question of

    Son’s favorite cap… was from

    • Joji Solano
    • CoffeeQueen
    • CarolDM
  • Question of

    A bag containing 7 pairs of underwear and socks, 3 pairs of jeans , shirts, toothbrush and toothpaste …. was from

    • Fifileigh
    • Thomas Gouard
    • Andrea
  • Question of

    This mobile phone was owned by …

    • Kim Johnson
    • Kim Jong Un
    • Lee Kum Khee
  • Question of

    A collection of selected music was compiled by…

    • Ghostwriter
    • Knightrider
    • Ghostbuster


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