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They are all stunning. You only need to name them

Any garden that has dahlias stand out.  Mine does not as it seems the conditions are not suitable for growing dahlias where we live.

Dahlias need a cooler climate and many of my friends do send me photos of what grows in their garden. They come in different sizes, shapes and colours.  Dahlias however do not have any scent but their appearance more than makes up for that.

As usual you have options. You just need to pick the right name

Good Luck

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    Enjoy the pattern. Something fishy about this beautiful dahlia

    • Salmon flower
    • Carp flower
    • Basa flower
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    Enjoy the formation. These dahlias are pretty large

    • Macro dahlia
    • huge dahlia
    • prominent dahlia
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    Enjoy the beauty. Did not know one can eat in it

    • Yellow Dahlia dinner plate
    • Yellow Dahlia lunch plate
    • Yellow Dahlia snack plate
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    Enjoy the rare colour. No doubt maroon but animal? Wonders never cease.

    • Maroon Fox
    • Maroon Cat
    • Maroon sparrow
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    Enjoy the shaded colour. Dahlias I notice can be tasted

    • Sweet Dahlia
    • Spicy Dahlia
    • Hot Dahlia
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    I just cannot take my eyes off them. Is there a bomb hidden in this Dahlia

    • Striped Explosion
    • Dutch Explosion
    • French Explosion
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    It just hits the eye. A two tone dahlia

    • Duet Dahlia
    • Double coloured Dahlia
    • White and red Dahlia
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    They call it the butterfly

    • Night butterfly
    • Day time butterfly
    • All time butterfly


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