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The Easter Hunt ~ Find that Easter Image!

It is time for the Easter Egg Hunt on Virily! 

I have chosen the ten images on the cover and hid them in ten photographs that I have taken that reminded me of springtime and Easter. All you have to do is locate the image hidden by choosing the correct answer.

Enlarge to find! 

Good Luck, have fun and Happy Easter Everyone! 

  • Question /

    In this one I hid an Easter Basket, but which basket is it?

    • The one with the butterflies.
    • The black and white one.
    • The pastel one.
  • Question /

    This one is hidden _______. Fill in the blank.

    • The left hand side.
    • The center.
    • The right hand side.
  • Question /

    This one is hidden on the __________.

    • On the main pink flower.
    • In the back on a leaf.
    • In the brown parts in the back.
  • Question /

    This one might be tough to find. It blends in so well. What have I hidden?

    • The pink Bunny Egg.
    • The lavender Egg with the bunny hatching.
    • The chocolate Bunny.
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    Look closely and you will see this one is hidden ______.

    • On the bottom.
    • On the red flower.
    • On the top.
  • Question /

    Which image did I hide in this one?

    • The yellow chick.
    • The green striped egg.
    • The green, pink, yellow, and blue egg.
  • Question /

    Which image is hidden in this one?

    • The pink bunny egg.
    • The pastel basket.
    • The lavender egg with the white rabbit in it.
  • Question /

    This one is hidden in the ___________.

    • Green leaf.
    • Back wall.
    • Almost dead center.
  • Question /

    Where is this one?

    • Right in the middle.
    • Almost at the top, right hand side.
    • On the bottom right.
  • Question /

    This last one is hidden ________.

    • On the purple flower.
    • On the yellow flower.
    • In the green back round.


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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