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Spider Quiz

I will show you a ten pictures of spiders. All you have to do is decide if they are venomous or non venomous. Do you know your dangerous spiders or do you just stay away from all spiders? 

Let’s see if you can choose the dangerous ones or the not so dangerous ones! 

Beware, you might need your spidey senses.. Good LUCK!

  • Question of

    Which one is the Black Widow Spider?

    • This one
    • This one
  • Question of

    Is this one venomous?

    • Yes, it is a Brown Widow Spider
    • No, this is a Speckled Egg Spider
  • Question of

    Is this one venomous?

    • Yes, this is a Brown Recluse Spider
    • No, this is a grass spider.
  • Question of

    The one above was not a Brown Recluse but this is. True or False

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Is this another poisonous Widow Spider?

    • No, this is a garden variety Orb Weaver Spider
    • Yes, this one is the White Widow Spider.
  • Question of

    Is this one poisonous?

    • Yes, it is a mouse spider.
    • No, this is a Pet Tarantula.
  • Question of

    What about this one? Venomous or Not?

    • Very much so, it is the Brazilian Wandering Spider.
    • Yes, this is a wolf spider.
    • Yes, this is a ghost spider.
    • Yes, this is a witch spider.
    • Not, this is a grass spider.
  • Question of

    What about this one with the points on it? Venomous or Not?

    • Venomous
    • Not
  • Question of

    How about this giant?

    • Venomous, it’s the South American Goliath bird eater.
    • Not, it’s the South American Halloween Spider.
  • Question of

    This one may look cute, but is it deadly?

    • One bite from those red fangs and you will likely die.
    • No, this is just a jumping spider.


What do you think?

14 points

Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. I got 6. I hate spiders. There is the house spider which I usually don’t have a problem. The Brazilian spider is one of the most dangerous spiders I read some years ago. When it bites a man (not a female)…

    • Six do live near you Doc. I think… I know you have black widows, brown recluse, grass ones, jumping ones, not sure of the White widow I think that is only in this area. Glad we don’t have those huge scary ones. Pam?, you know what’s funny, is that my co worker always calls me that. lol

  2. I am no expert on spiders, we have different spiders than you and some of our spiders are also poisonous
    We have the Katapo Spider and your first spider is like the Katapo Spider but not quite. It could also be an Australian Red Back Spider,
    The last one looks like our jumping Spider

    Im not a fan of Spiders but have had to learn to pick them up in a glass jar with something stiff underneath and throw it outside.

    I can never get rid of the Daddy Long leg spiders inside but leave those to catch the mosquitos or small insects, they don’t hurt anyone.

    • I haven’t heard much about the insects in your area Pam, I do know that you have your own species, being cut off from the main lands. I love how many beautiful types of birds you have. I do not like spiders, they creep me out. I squish them if they are inside, no way I could get close enough with a jar or glass. I did try to catch a tarantula with a big to go cup one time, and that didn’t go well. HE jumped on my arm. lol
      Ah yes, we have the daddy long legs,,theyre everywhere it seems.


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