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Thanks to the spell check option that’s available on almost all text editors today, we are eihter forgetting the correct spellings or get confused. But how well are you braced up for this quiz? Let’s find out. And yes, don’t get any help as long as you aren’t done with the quiz.

  • Question of

    Something that’s not relevant

    • Irrelevant
    • Irelevant
    • Irrelevent
    • Irrelavent
  • Question of

    Something that is widespread

    • Pravalent
    • Prevelent
    • Prevalant
    • Prevalent
  • Question of

    When there are more than one discovery, you spell it like

    • Discoverys
    • Discoveries
    • Discoveriees
    • Disoveries
  • Question of

    Something that has or is equal in value

    • Equivelent
    • Equivalant
    • Equivalent
    • Equeevalent
  • Question of

    When you are not present somewhere, it denotes your

    • Absense
    • Absence
    • Absance
    • Absens
  • Question of

    Something that is in the strict sense of it

    • Leeterally
    • Literaly
    • Literally
    • Literelly
  • Question of

    When something happens again and again, it’s called

    • Redundancy
    • Redundency
    • Rudundancy
    • Rudundency
  • Question of

    The earth’s cavity is called

    • Croter
    • Crator
    • Creter
    • Crater


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