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Questions from the general culture for the quiz.


Robin Biznis October 23.2018 Belgrade

In this quiz we will have interesting questions that I believe will be easy for you.

Resolve and enjoy.

Something will teach you.


Your Robin

  • Question of

    Dogs can learn gestures and about 126 words. Do you know how much intelligence a dog has according to scientists on the basis of the foremost knowledge?

    • A one year old child
    • A two years old child
    • A three years old child
  • Question of

    Which of the above authors is not the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature?

    • Ivo Andric
    • Truman Capote
    • Hermann Hesse
  • Question of

    Xenophobia is the fear of….

    • Foreigners
    • Open space
    • Closed space
  • Question of

    The fastest animal on the land is Cheetah. Do you know how many meters it run in one second?

    • 28 m/sec
    • 29 m/sec
    • 30 m/sec
  • Question of

    Did the Israelites receive from God the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai through?

    • Jessus
    • Holy Spirit
    • Moses
  • Question of

    Freedom. Brotherhood. Equality, whose slogan was this?

    • French bourgeois revolution
    • Paris Commune
    • The Revolution of 1848
  • Question of

    What is the most trapped spider in the world from whose bite is most people affected during the year?

    • Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria fera)
    • Crna udovica (Latrodectus mactans)
    • Spider red backs (Latrodectus hasselti)
  • Question of

    Beautiful mushroom both in appearance and for consumption. Boletus I gave you three species of the same genus. Do you know which one is not edible?

    • Satan boron (Boletus satanas Lenz)
    • Summer Fever (Boletus aestivalis Paulet ex Fr.)
    • Pine boron (Boletus pinicola Vitt.)


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