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Meaning of Serbian phrases in English

Many of you know about Serbian language from some music songs or movies and I know that  there are people who never heard about it . I would like to know if can you recognize some phrases and their meanings. I will write both in Latin and Cyrillic phrases in Serbian language to be easier for you.

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    Dobro jutro – Добро јутро in English means

    • Good morning
    • Good evening
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    Požuri – Пожури in English means

    • Welcome
    • Hurry up
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    volim te – волим те means

    • I love you
    • I hate you
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    nema veze – нема везе in English means

    • It is a pity
    • it doesn’t matter
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    Čestitam! – Честитам! in English means

    • Congratulations!
    • Cheers!
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    Srećan Božić – Срећан Божић in English means

    • Merry Christmas
    • Happy New Year
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    Hvala vam puno – Хвала вам пуно means

    • You are welcome
    • Thank you very much
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    Vidimo se sutra –

    • See you soon
    • See you tomorrow


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  1. 6/8 – not bad for someone without a word of Serbian – although I did learn a few Russian words a long time ago and there might be a few similarities.

    You would enjoy the story I heard some years ago about the British politician who phoned the appropriate desk of the British Foreign Office because he was about to meet a delegation from what was then Yugoslavia. He asked: “How do you say ‘Good Evening’ in Yugoslavian?” “Oh”, said the man on the desk, “You mean Serbo-Croat”. “Thank you”, said the politician and put the phone down. He spent the evening walking up to everyone he met and saying “Serbo-Croat” to them!


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