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The letter “W” QUIZ!!

All of these questions or answers will feature the letter “W” in one way or another. They are all random questions involving people, places, and other facts.

Test your knowledge, but mostly enjoy this quiz!

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How much do you know about FOOD CRAVINGS?   

  • Question of


    • Capital city of a province in Canada
    • A small town in Southwestern Ontario, Canada
  • Question of

    London UK Largest Stadium

    • White Heart Lane
    • Wembley
  • Question of

    Town whose Christmas was almost stolen by the Grinch

    • Whoseville
    • Whoville
  • Question of

    The Lane where desperate housewives reside

    • Wisteria Lane
    • Wynnona Lane
  • Question of

    One of the stars of the movie “The Odd Couple”

    • Walter Brennan
    • Walter Matthau
  • Question of

    Migraines are most often caused by ______

    • weather
    • whirlpools
  • Question of

    Irish city known for creating crystal

    • Waterburg
    • Waterford
  • Question of

    Batman’s estate

    • Wynne Manor
    • Wayne Manor


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