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You’ve may have heard of the term or idiom “Every Tom, Dick and Harry” which means: ‘everyone’

Example:  Every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry will be there at the party”

I’ve given clue, it’s up to you to match the correct name…….

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  • Question of

    Which American high jumper is considered one of the most influential and inspirational athletes in the history of track and field?

    • Dick Fosbury
    • Allan Dick
    • Dick Allan
  • Question of

    One of the closest advisers to Franklin D. Roosevelt was in Iowa in 1890

    • Harry Hopkins
    • Christopher Harry
    • Harry P. Reynolds
  • Question of

    Clint Eastwood played this crime ‘hero’ in the film series during the 1970’s

    • “Dirty Huber”
    • “Dirty Howie”
    • “Dirty Harry”
  • Question of

    One football player was voted PFA young player of the year in 2000

    • Issac Kewell
    • Harry Kewell
    • Dick Kewell
    • Harry Kewell
  • Question of

    This “Harry” is best known for becoming the first African-American pro basketball player in 1902. What was his surname?

    • Lew
    • Lowell
    • Tomas
  • Question of

    Who wrote the soundtrack for the 1994 movie “Pulp Fiction”?

    • Dick Peters
    • Dick Dale
    • Gerry Dick
  • Question of

    Name the first male singer to record UK chart hits on 9 separate labels?

    • Tom Watson
    • Ian Thomas
    • Tom Jones
  • Question of

    Elvis Presley’s famous manager’s name is:

    • Colonel Tom Parker
    • Colonel Tom Parkinson
    • Colonel Tom Parks
  • Question of

    Chester Gould created this comic strip detective character named?

    • Dick Tracy
    • Thomas Magnum
    • Dick Franky
  • Question of

    Which popular singer was born in 1945 and sang in the group “Blondie”?

    • Sharron Harry
    • Debbie Harry
    • Darlene Harry


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