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Exchange Gift to Choose

November is bidding goodbye. December is peeping "hi". Gifts are weaving,will you buy? Exchanging gift is coming, any idea what to give? This poll is my...

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My favorite Philippine Languages when saying “I LOVE YOU”

Philippines is one the smallest countries around the globe but blessed with different languages from Luzon to Mindanao. The words "I Love You" is...

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Let’s Acquire Common Korean Words and Phrases

Annyeonghaseyo?Jeoneun Malot imnida. Cheoeum beopgesseumnida! p’ileepeen eseo wasseumnida. "Hello! I am Malot, It’s nice to meet you! I’m from Philippines." I am fun of watching Korean...

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Get to know more about Me: Malot12

It's been few days now since I signed up Virily. I posted few, commented few, and visit often but I haven't Introduced myself properly...

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A Trivia on November: Its a Notable Date!

A date to note on November. Guess when it is. Good luck! Hope you Enjoy!

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