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Rearrange Letters: U.S. CITIES to U.S. STATES QUIZ!!

For this quiz, you will have to rearrange the letters provided to obtain the name of a U.S. City.  From there you will have to match that city to the correct U.S. State.  Have fun, but most of all enjoy playing!!  🙂

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  • kmotaan

    • Indiana
    • Minnisota
    • Iowa
  • rrete uhtea

    • Indiana
    • Michigan
    • Montana
  • leenha

    • California
    • Kansas
    • Montana
  • rlgguseba

    • Pennsylvania
    • Nebraska
    • Illinois
  • agrdn roksf

    • Vermont
    • North Dakota
    • Ohio
  • stmnjwoea

    • New York
    • Arizona
    • Idaho
  • greeogwnot

    • Missouri
    • Iowa
    • Kentucky
  • ngrboa

    • Alabama
    • Maine
    • Virginia

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