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FRIENDS FALSE & TRUE: A Quiz on French Words which are just like English

French and English share tens of thousands of similar words, thanks to the Normans who conquered England almost a thousand years ago, bringing their language with them. Some are identical in spelling and meaning, so-called vrais amis (‘true friends’), but some are faux amis (‘false friends’) and have been the cause of many an awkward moment in international conversation! For each question, I’ll give you a French word, and you just need to choose the correct meaning from the choices below. Sounds easy? That’s because it is!

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  • Question of

    What does the French word ‘invisible’ mean?

    • Invisible
    • Inevitable
    • In plain view
  • Question of


    • Library
    • Bookshop
    • Flea market
  • Question of


    • Lustful
    • Money
    • Urgent
  • Question of


    • Underpants
    • Slip
    • Contraceptive
  • Question of


    • Preservative
    • Condom
    • Lifeboat
  • Question of


    • Injured
    • Cursed
    • Blessed
  • Question of


    • Dangle
    • Discomfort
    • Danger
  • Question of


    • Logo
    • Word
    • Lego
  • Question of


    • Brassiere
    • Brewery
    • Armoury
  • Question of


    • Spartan
    • Luxurious
    • Lustful
  • Question of


    • Massage
    • Message
    • Catholic mass
  • Question of


    • Loose change
    • Money
    • Oil painting
  • Question of


    • Reception
    • Deception
    • Disappointment
  • Question of

    Here’s a fun one to finish. Rat means rat. De means of. Bibliothèque means library. What do you think the idiom ‘rat de bibliothèque’ might mean?

    • Library rat (No! Not this one!)
    • Bookworm 🙂


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  1. A poor 11 out of 14. Really bad for a French Canadian born and raised and schooled. My excuse is that I am just as English as French for having worked more than half of my life in English. I do not know why I have always gotten Librairie mixed up with Library. I know that it is a bookstore but I can never get it right. Oh well the fact remains it was a great quiz.


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