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Very Easy Movie Trivia Quiz

If you think you’re a movie buff, then test out your knowledge with these 10 movie trivia questions. Good luck!

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    Who was the killer in the original ‘Friday the 13th’ movie?

    • Mrs. Voorhees
    • Ashley
    • Sam
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    What kind of doll did Charles Lee Ray possess?

    • A chucky Doll
    • A baby doll
    • A good guys baby doll
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    What is the name of the bridge that collapse in Final Destination 5?

    • 180 Bridge
    • North Bay Bridge
    • Oakland Bay Bridge
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    When did the Titanic sink?

    • 28 January 1992
    • 15 April 1912
    • 15 November 2008
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    Why did the Titanic sink?

    • Rough Weather
    • It collided with an iceberg during her maiden voyage
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    Where was the Titanic headed?

    • New York City
    • Los Angeles
    • Hawaii
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    Who plays Peter Parker in spider man 2?

    • Tom Holland
    • Toby Maguire
    • James Franco
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    In the movie Beauty and the beast, What does the Beast give Belle to always remember him by?

    • Magic Mirror
    • Cake
    • Ice cream
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    Who played Jack Dawson in the 1997 epic Titanic?

    • Tom Cruse
    • Leonardo Di Caprio
    • Jason Statham
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    Who played Rose Dewitt in the 1997 epic Titanic?

    • Katie Holmes
    • Mandy Moore
    • Kate Winslet


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