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Can You Complete These 15 Famous Hollywood Dialogues?

For all movie lovers, this quiz is just for you..

Here are 15 famous dialogues from the most famous Hollywood movies and you just got to complete these dialogues.

Let’s see how many of these 15 movie dialogues can you guess correctly??

  • Question of

    I must

    • Break you
    • Shake you
  • Question of

    I’ll be back, hasta la vista baby, you are

    • Terminated
    • Terminator
  • Question of

    I’m the …… of the world?

    • Queen
    • King
  • Question of

    I will have my vengeance, in this life or?

    • The next one
    • The next
  • Question of

    The name’s

    • James Bond
    • Bond, James Bond
  • Question of

    This is

    • Sparta
    • Not Sparta
  • Question of

    Say hello to my

    • Little friend
    • Big friend
  • Question of

    Luke I am your

    • Mother
    • Father
  • Question of

    You shoot me in your dream

    • You better wake up and apologise
    • You better wake up and say sorry
  • Question of

    If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have

    • Invented Facebook
    • Invented Whatsapp
  • Question of

    I want to play

    • A game
    • Games with you
  • Question of

    …. Precious

    • Your
    • My
  • Question of

    Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on

    • Your face
    • That face
  • Question of

    I’ll make him an offer

    • He will accept
    • He can’t refuse
  • Question of

    You talking to

    • Me?
    • Whom?


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