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You grossly underestimated me while patting yourself in the back your inflated ego expanding your head and clouding your judgment saying you found someone new then you saw the error...

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A Kind of Man

He was one of the bad ones you know the kind of man the one who won’t stay past sunrise, nor come home before sunset, the kind that...

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Little Things

It wasn’t immediately apparent, not a cosmic crash, or a supernova, our collision of hearts it was more of a slow, steady, rhythmic pace it was the gradual summation of a bunch of...

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First Kiss

It’s something you can only experience once, and anything after it is never quite the same, the highly anticipated stomach butterfly-causing spine-chilling goose bump raising moment in the soft meeting of lips as they...

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King of Hearts

He was the king of hearts his card he kept close to his vest with never so much as a tell he wore his intentions well although he...

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