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Alphabet Crazy – History of “Hello” Quiz!

That is usually what you say when you picked up your phone.

But do you know the history of “Hello”?


1) Post a anything, e.g: photo/art/poem/story/memories (not limited to) of anything that starts with the alphabet! You can go at your own pace for this challenge 🙂

2) Remember to put “Alphabet Crazy” in your title!

3) You’re free to combine with other challenges! Nobody say you can’t post a red aeroplane or blue elephant :p

4) You’re welcome to post non-English words (say your native language) but DO explain its meaning to us, so that we can learn from each other!


  • Question of

    “Hello” is a word with less than 180 years of history?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    “Hello” was made common by the invetion of…

    • Telephone
    • Television
    • Phonograph
  • Question of

    Who put hello into common usage?

    • Alexander Graham Bell
    • Ammon Shea
    • Salvador Dali
    • Thomas Edison
  • Question of

    The Oxford English Dictionary says the first published use of “hello” was in _____

    • 1817
    • 1820
    • 1827
    • 1829
  • Question of

    “Hello” stemmed from variations like ‘hallo’, ‘hullo’, ‘hollo’ , ‘holla’ and ‘Halloo’. ‘Halloo’ was traditionally used…

    • to get hounds to chase someone
    • to get attention
    • to greet someone
  • Question of

    This piece of work is the first recorded use of ‘hello’ in literature as a telephone greeting

    • Anthony Trollope’s novel
    • Guillaume Victor Émile Augier’s play
    • Mark Twain’s comic strip
    • Thomas Hughes’s novel
  • Question of

    “Hello girls” were …

    • secretary
    • telephone operators
    • receptionist
  • Question of

    “Hello World” is a …

    • cartoon series
    • computer program
    • prepaid card
    • t-shirt brand


What do you think?

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