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8 days in Scandinavia: a quiz

This quiz is devoted to our family journey-2013. In about 6 days (roundtrip) we visited 3 hospitable Nordic countries. Also our family group took part in the fjord tour “Hardanger in a nutshell”. It was unforgettable experience and I hope to share this joy with you!

  • Question of

    We called this journey a trip to FinSweNor because this means:

    • fin whale, swell, north
    • Finland, Sweden, Norway
    • fine, sweet, normal
    • nothing of the above
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    The slogan of our journey was:

    • “It’s very cold”
    • “It doesn’t matter where we are”
    • “We are crazy family from Russia”
    • “Let’s travel everywhere”
  • Question of

    We visited:

    • Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Voss, Bergen
    • Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Reykjavik
    • Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Ålesund
    • Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Aalborg
  • Question of

    The way from Helsinki to Stockholm was done by … cruise ferries

    • Silja Line
    • Viking Line
    • DFDS
    • Hurtigruten
  • Question of

    We reached Bergen by:

    • The Kirkenes–Bjørnevatn Line
    • The Gardermoen Line
    • The Rjukan Line
    • The Bergen Railway
  • Question of

    The fjord tour “Hardanger in a nutshell” started in:

    • Bergen
    • Voss
    • Ålesund
    • Oslo
  • Question of

    We travelled by:

    • trains and cruise ferries
    • autos
    • planes
    • buses
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    All hotel breakfasts were the form of:

    • traditional Swedish buffet
    • fast food
    • French cuisine
    • Chinese cuisine


What do you think?

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  1. I got 7 out of 8 but this is not a true reflection of my knowledge base. I owe many answers to clues from the pictures and then there was also lucky guesswork involved … It is a well fashioned quiz -very enjoyable and educational (for me)

  2. i guessed 5 out of 8 correct…

    yesterday at a local meetup, i learned a new swedish word, resfeder, because it was on someone’s tattoo.

    I heard there are a lot of forest fires going on in many scandinavian countries. is it ok now?

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