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Tips for a weekend in Barcelona

Even though Barcelona is only the capital of Catalunya, not of the whole country, it is still more popular even than the capital city of Madrid. It is the second most populous city in Spain, after Madrid. It has about 1,620,810 inhabitants and an incredible number of tourists every single day. If we count the whole urban area, about 4.8 million people live in Barcelona and make it the sixth most populous urban area in the European Union. It is almost impossible to visit everything that’s important to see in the city in a day or two as it covers an area of about 101,4 km2.

The city has an advantage over Madrid mainly because of the coast. It is the largest city on the Mediterranean Sea located on the coast between the mounts Besos and Lobregat.

For the ones who are into sport, especially football, the biggest stadium in the country is owned exactly by FC Barcelona which is after all among the most famous football clubs in Europe. It is a huge stadium called Nou Camp that has a museum inside, showing the club's history. It's an incredible feeling hearing all the fans screaming and singing their most famous football songs all together!


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